Boem - Mona Linen Dress

Size Guide
Dunk Dyed Midnight/Natural
  • Long dip dyed linen shirt dress with collar and short sleeves
  • Sleeves have cut out detail w/ ties
  • Cotton stitching detail on shoulders and side pockets
  • Frayed edge on hem
  • Square wooden buttons down front
  • Dip dyed belt with belt loops
  • Available in Dunk Dyed Midnight/Natural
Your Boem piece needs special care. It has been dyed by hand, therefore irregularities in colour and imperfections will occur, this is the desired effect. Raw linen is slubby and rough in texture and creases with wear, this is a desired effect of linen. This garment will age with wear, after washing the colour will lighten and a vintage stonewashed effect will occur, this is a desired effect and not a fault or defect.
The fringing on the hems are protected by guard stitches and will not continue to fray, however they will become irregular and appear clumped after washing, this is a desired effect. Linen stiffens after washing and line drying, however softens again with wear or after a steam iron.

This garment has been hand dyed, hand dying fades faster than machine dyed fabrics- DO NOT LEAVE IN SUNLIGHT AT ANY TIME. If you look after your Boem garment as instructed, it will last and wear beautifully.
  • Do not hot wash
  • Cold machine wash on a gentle cycle
  • Use a gentle detergent (chemical free is our choice)
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not spot clean
  • Do not soak
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Lie flat in the shade
  • Do not place in filtered or direct sunlight
  • Iron according to linen settings on iron, steam is good
  • Store is a dark place as hand dying fades
  • Dunk dyed items will have colour bleed to the non dyed area, wash strictly on a cold wash to minimise
  • Linen is subject to up to 5% shrinkage after washing, it will return to its original size and shape after a steam iron or after wear.
  • Look after your Boem product, its very special and guaranteed to last if you adhere to the above care instructions.