La Bottega Di Brunella - A Family Affair

La Bottega Di Brunella - A Family Affair

Established in Positano, Italy, La Bottega Di Brunella has been creating distinctive linen and cotton collections since 1965. The entire production process is internally made: from the yarn to the finished product. This is La Bottega di Brunella, where quality stems from a long craft tradition. We are proud to carry a brand with such great ethics and beautiful story.

The brand’s founders, Brunella and Vito, passed on their passion and crafting tradition to their sons and daughters, who transformed a family-managed business into an established fashion house filled with warmth, character and style. Brunella continues to make items of clothing for women, men and children with the same love and originality of yore. 

Vito and Brunella have managed to instil their enthusiasm to their children Cristina, Annamaria, Baldo, Antonio and Francesco. The typical family management warmth has fascinated Ursula Andress, Zeffirelli and now it is fascinating people like Zucchero, Eleanora Brigliadori and Enrica Bonaccorti.

All garments are entirely made in-house, at La Bottega di Brunella’s studio in the Amalfi Coast. The patterns of Positano beach fashion are created by mastery and enthusiasm, using gauze, cotton and linen: fresh and light materials that recall the warm and passionate beauty of the Amalfi coast sea.

The streamlined and efficient structure of la Bottega di Brunella ensures an accurate control over the products quality, made by the expert hands of technicians and designers, capable of developing ideas and emotions that refer to the sweet life of the Sixties but adjusted to newer trends. 

Textile fibers are transformed into precious yarns, thanks to the help of professionals and state-of-the-art machinery that assure maximum strength, elasticity and lightness of materials, creating excellent quality on final products. The label’s genuine commitment to ethical practices and meticulous quality control can be seen and felt within its luxuriously light materials.

Most pieces are one-size-fits-all, designed to enhance and flatter any body shape. Each collection takes its creative drive from a fusion of traditional looming techniques and innovative designs, with precious yarns winded together to create unique fabric combinations.